Responsible Data Technology and Policy in the Real World

July 30 Agenda

Live Q&A over Twitter

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Responsible Data Technology and Policy in the Real World

Technologists and businesses are innovating on the development and use of new privacy technologies that are making the promise of big data a reality. Meanwhile, with GDPR, CCPA, and other federal laws under debate, regulations and policies to both protect consumers from data breaches and expedient uses of their data have come to the forefront. This track shares learnings and experiences from top academics, corporate leaders and others about new privacy computing technologies and how it's used in real world applications, as well as approaches and frameworks that top policy makers of privacy legislation and consumer advocate of future public policy and responsible data propose.

Call for Spotlight

Have you been working on new privacy technologies for responsible data use, new economic models and policy proposals on responsible data use, or entrepreneurial endeavors in the area of responsible data? Then we want to hear from you! We are looking for short presentation spotlights of approximately 5 minutes to highlight relevant work about responsible data technology and policy. The best Spotlight talks will be given the ResponsibleData Spotlight Award.

Please send us an abstract of no more than 300 words and a 5 minute video by July 25.

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Shafi Goldwasser

Professor, UC Berkeley
Director, Simons Institute

Dan Boneh

Professor, Stanford University

Laurens Van Der Maaten

Director AI Research,

Simson Garfinkel

Senior Computer Scientist,
US Census Bureau

Kristin Lauter

Principal Researcher,

Brendan McMahan

Research Scientist

Payman Mohassel

Engineering Manager

Qiang Yang

Chief AI Officer, WeBank
Professor, HKUST

Arvind Narayanan

Professor, Princeton University

Salil Vadhan

Professor, Harvard University

Dawn Song

Professor, UC Berkeley
Founder and CEO of Oasis Labs

Glen Weyl

Microsoft's Office of the Chief Technology Political Economist and Social Technologist (OCTOPEST)

Yong Qiao

Director of Security Engineering, Uber

Jackie Monson

CPO and CISO of Sutter Health

Neil Daswani

Former CISO, Lifelock

Sheila Jambekar

Vice President,
Deputy General Counsel, Privacy & Product

Chenxi Wang

General Partner
Rain Capital

Chris Riley


Elizabeth Edenberg

Assistant Professor,
Georgetown University

Ernesto Falcon

Senior Counsel,
Electronic Frontier Foundation

Alex Feerst

Director, Responsible Data Foundation
General Counsel, Neuralink,
Former GC, Medium

Richard Whitt

Chief Digital Steward and Head of Ecosystem,
Oasis Foundation

Chris Hoofnagle

Professor of Law in Residence, Berkeley

Gerhard Eschelbeck

Cybersecurity Executive

Vivek Narayanadas

Associate General Counsel, Privacy & IP
Data Protection Officer, Shopify

Gabriel Ramsey

Partner, Crowell & Moring LLP

Riddhiman Das

CEO TripleBlind

David Kohlbrenner

Assistant Professor, University of Washington

Subodh Iyengar

Software Engineer, Facebook

Heather West


Organizing Committee

Executive Program Chair:

Dawn Song UC Berkeley

Program Co-chair:

Ramesh Raskar MIT
Alex Feerst Responsible Data Foundation

Program Committee:

Moti Yung Google
Andrew Trask OpenMined
Richard Janda MILA
Yun William Yu University of Toronto

Coordination Committee:

Evgenios M. Kornaropoulos (General Chair) UC Berkeley
Vivek Sharma (General Chair) MIT, Harvard
Kareem Shehata NUS
Praneeth Vepakoma MIT
Taylor Lee Oasis Labs
Abhishek Singh MIT
Lun Wang UC Berkeley
Xiaoyuan Liu UC Berkeley

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