Responsible Data in the Time of Pandemic

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Responsible Data in the Time of Pandemic

Never before have we had access to large scale datasets and processing capabilities while fighting a global pandemic like COVID-19. But with great data comes great responsibility. New questions are being asked, such as:

How should such data be used?

Are there protections that individuals are willing to forgo in a short-term crisis? What happens after the crisis is over?

Is it possible to enhance contact tracing while also increasing privacy protections?

What other technologies can be used to fight a global pandemic, and what are the privacy implications of their use?

In this track at the Responsible Data Summit we will explore the perspectives and experiences of leaders fighting COVID-19 with data and new technologies, and host a discussion about how we all - as responsible data stewards - can use data responsibly to fight both the current pandemic and infectious diseases in the future.

Call for Spotlight

Have you been working on collecting data and applying data science to the fight against COVID-19, facing challenges in responsible data use, or developing technologies for responsible data use for COVID-19? Then we want to hear from you! We are looking for short presentation spotlights of approximately 5 minutes to highlight relevant work in responsible data use for COVID-19. The best Spotlight talks will be given the ResponsibleData Spotlight Award.

Please send us an abstract of no more than 300 words and a 5 minute video by July 20.

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Yoshua Bengio

Founder and Scientific Director, Mila
Professor, University of Montreal

Ron Rivest

Institute Professor, MIT

Matthew Trunnell

Executive Director, Pandemic Response Consortium
Former CIO, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center


Google Fellow, Google

Richard Benjamins

Chief AI & Data Strategist, Telefonica

John Langford

Partner Research Manager,

Ed Felten

Professor, Princeton University
Former Deputy United States Chief Technology Officer

Dawn Song

Professor, UC Berkeley
Founder and CEO of Oasis Labs

Moti Yung

Research Scientist, Google

Brennan Lake

Senior Director of Data for Good, Cuebiq

Claudia Juech

CEO and President, Cloudera Foundation

Stefaan G Verhulst

Co-Founder and Chief Research and Development Officer,
The GovLab

Ramesh Raskar

Professor, MIT Media Lab

Carmela Troncoso

Professor, EPFL

Andrew Trask


Claire Jarashow

Acting Director, Vaccine Preventable Disease Control
at Los Angeles County Department of Public Health

Bill Pugh

Professor, University of Maryland

Elissa M. Redmiles

Microsoft Research

Will Knight

Wired Magazine

And More!

Organizing Committee

Executive Program Chair:

Dawn Song UC Berkeley

Program Co-chair:

Ramesh Raskar MIT
Alex Feerst Responsible Data Foundation

Program Committee:

Moti Yung Google
Andrew Trask OpenMined
Richard Janda MILA
Yun William Yu University of Toronto

Coordination Committee:

Evgenios M. Kornaropoulos (General Chair) UC Berkeley
Vivek Sharma (General Chair) MIT, Harvard
Kareem Shehata NUS
Praneeth Vepakoma MIT
Taylor Lee Oasis Labs
Abhishek Singh MIT
Lun Wang UC Berkeley
Xiaoyuan Liu UC Berkeley

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